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Dark Waters, 2015-Present

I looked up to the sun setting and thought to myself it was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen; all the emeraldMore >>

At Work, 2013-Present

The studio is both a magical and profoundly practical place. It is a site that serves the grand pursuits ofMore >>

Creative Destruction 2015-Present

This series combines digital and analogue methods while talking about modernization. The photos I am using are oldMore >>

Trees, 2006-2013

Unique Chromogenic Photogram, 2006, 40″x50″ Trees (2006-2013) is a series of large format photograms;More >>

Light and Objecthood, 2008-2009

Light Column Installation, at Ryerson University, 2009 Building on the work with photographic surface in the LightMore >>

Light and Chaos, 2011

In Light and Chaos, I have projected light across the photographic surface on which it is recorded. The images areMore >>

Light Drawings, 2008

Unique Chromogenic Drawing, 2008, 30″x80″ In the series, Light Drawings, I have used only that which IMore >>

Memories, 2007-2008

In 2006, my cousin came to me with a set of slides she had found while cleaning out her parent’s basement. TheMore >>

Icons, 2007

Icons (2007) is a collaborative work between cross disciplinary artist Diana Bennett and photographer Ryan Van DerMore >>

Fruit, 2005-2007

In my Fruit series (2005-2007) I explore the organic world. These works are a modern expression of Dutch VanitasMore >>

Figures, 2006-2007

Figures (2006-2007) was a series focused on the process of the work’s creation itself. These self-reflectiveMore >>

Vases, 2006

Smashed Pink Vase, 2006, Unique Chromogenic Photogram Vases, 2006 was my first series working with large scaleMore >>

Halfway to Mars, 2008

In Halfway to Mars I collaborated with artist Andrea Marcus to create mixed media large format negatives; composed ofMore >>