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Light Drawings, 2008

Unique Chromogenic Drawing, 2008, 30″x80″

In the series, Light Drawings, I have used only that which I deem essential to the photographic medium: light, photographic paper, and the action of the artist. Through the direct reaction of light on photographic paper, I create gestural lines, which are recorded by the photographic paper.

While the work bears comparison with the abstract expressionists and the post painterly abstractionists, much of the nature of photography is revealed, distinct from painting. Focus and the temporality of creation are experienced differently from any other medium. Flatness too is experienced distinctly from other pictorial art — the sheer flatness of the materials is essential to the way they are experienced. In Light Drawings, I establish the photograph as surface.

All these works are unique chromogenic drawings either 30″x60″ or 30″x40″