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Icons, 2007

Icons (2007) is a collaborative work between cross disciplinary artist Diana Bennett and photographer Ryan Van Der Hout. Through resin tablets juxtaposed with photograms, the series explores a misguided and misogynistic past which mirrors the resurgence of neo-fundamentalism threatening individual freedoms throughout the Judeo-Christian and Muslim worlds.

The figures represented in Icons are drawn from the Bible, where female characters have often been marginalized and vilified in favor of their male counterparts. This series retells and interprets their stories. The women of Icons are vulnerable; often they are wrapped, veiled, and hidden; yet their power is evident.

The resin sculptures contain a collage of large format photographic slides which integrate to represent female icons from Judeo-Christian writings. Mixed media elements combine to build the figures’ iconography; all these elements are floated in a tablet of resin (a hard transparent plastic polymer). These tablets reflect a truth of the individual and their continuing importance to us. A photogram is then made of the resin sculpture which shows the dichotomy between the figures; and their status as a historical relic. The photogram is ultimately coated with resin thereby completing a cyclical process in which the living women in the resin become alienated ghosts of our past in the void of the photogram.

Resin Tablets, 12×36 Mixed Media, Uniques Sculptures ¬†| ¬†Photograms, 30×40 Resin Coated C-Prints, Editions of 5